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Dioxin Exposure

Dioxin poisoning attorney 

Dioxin is now so pervasive in the environment and our food supply that virtually everyone is exposed to some degree of dioxin poison.

Dioxins occur as by-products in the manufacture or incineration of chlorine-containing substances such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), in the chlorine bleaching of paper, and from natural sources such as volcanoes and forest fires. There have been many incidents of dioxin pollution resulting from industrial emissions and accidents dating as far back as the Industrial Revolution. Dioxin is also the primary chemical compound found in Agent Orange, a herbicide used extensively in military conflicts to clear vegetation.
Primarily airborne, dioxins are found in the air, soil, and in meats and dairy with high percentages of fat. Prolonged exposure to dioxin can result in the formation of liver and other forms of cancer, fertility problems and birth defects, problems with the immune and/or respiratory systems, and a variety of other serious health afflictions.

The primary sources of dioxin poisons are:

  • Vinyl Chloride, an airborne pollutant which can be released in both the manufacture and incineration of PVC plastics. PVC is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, molded into everything from plumbing pipes to imitation leather.
  • Degreasing and Dry Cleaning Solvents containing dichloromethane.
  • Pesticides and Herbicides which contain chlorine, such as DDT, dicofol, heptachlor and endosulfan.
  • Insulators containing PCBs


According to recent US EPA data, dioxins are commonly released from combustion sources such as municipal medical waste incinerators and private backyard "barrel burning", metal smelting factories, refining and processing plants and chemical manufacturing.

The EPA has deemed dioxin as "one of the most dangerous toxic chemicals detrimental to human health." It is estimated that 1 in 10,000 Americans is afflicted by dioxin exposure that results in liver cancer. Dioxin, according to the EPA, "has been medically proven to promote the growth of dormant cancers in the liver."

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Dioxin poison found in food accounts for ninety-six percent of all cases of human exposure. Red meats (beef) and dairy products are most heavily burdened with dioxin poison, which account for the vast majority of dioxin poison contaminated food sources. Factory workers in particular are at risk for exposure to dioxins, especially since those workers not only work in an environment susceptible to dioxin release but may also consume local food that has also been exposed.

Even more problematic is that dioxin poisoning can pass from a mother to a child if the mother has been exposed to dioxin and chooses to breast feed the child. Ninety-five percent of the dioxin poison present in breast milk is transmitted to a baby, thereby posing a significant health threat to infant children. Dioxin poison can also be transferred to a fetus during pregnancy, which can result in birth defects. As compared to the general population, children and infants are at a greater risk of developing adverse health problems due to higher levels of dioxin poison exposure.

Dioxin is so pervasive in the environment and our food supply that practically everyone is exposed to some degree. People who are at particular risk for developing health problems caused by dioxin poison include young children, people who work or live near industrial or contaminated sites or products, and people who rely heavily on dioxin laden foods as their main source of sustenance. Dioxin poison takes years to be broken down in the body, allowing for the ill effects of this toxin to pose a threat for most of the human lifespan.

If you or a loved one has recently fallen ill as the result of exposure to dioxin, filing a lawsuit against the companies responsible may give a victim and their family the opportunity to seek and recover financial compensation for medical care, lost earnings, pain, suffering and future losses. Brent M. Cordell is committed to representing people who have experienced health problems or property damage related to environmental law violations.

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